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You've heard the saying 
size isn't important? 
Well we agree!

If you feel bigger is better, maybe we’re not the team for you. But if small (and perfectly formed) is what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place.

At Little Castles, our goal is to offer a range of granny flats ideal for WA, and other ancillary accommodation, to suit different uses and budgets.

We recognise the need for economical and investor-conscious solutions while equally providing the services and expertise to custom design and build quality homes that don’t look and feel like temporary mining accommodation.

Granny flat designs are as individual as those who will call them home, which is why we take such care to make sure our clients’ unique granny flats are designed to feel special.

While classic granny flats are becoming increasingly popular, clients also ask us to create perfect one-bedroom and open-plan studios, garage lofts (Fonzy Flats!), pool houses and retreats for their ancillary accommodation needs.

If you want to minimise on-site construction, container homes or modular homes (Perth favourites right now) and cabins are all options we can explore for you.

If you’d like to have a chat and find out how we can help you with your granny flat design, please give Mark a call on 0408 302 187.

About Us

As a subsidiary of Barefoot Renovations, we use the same team and trades at Little Castles.

From design and approvals to on and off-site construction, we pride ourselves on offering our clients solutions that provide quality finishes and maximise space, through a communicative and collaborative approach.

We have a number of premium designs that can be tailored to your needs, or enjoyed with the basic specifications and provide cost-effective entry solutions.

When an off-the-plan option isn’t suitable, we work closely with clients throughout the design process to create their unique granny flat to meet their criteria and budget while ensuring all local authority covenants are met.

Depending on the design and location, we either construct on-site or offer a modular format, which is fully constructed off-site and “dropped” (gently!) into place with minimal disruption.

Our unique approach means we think you won’t find a better cabin and granny flat builder in WA.

Our Designs

Premium Range
Exclusive Range
1 & 2 Bed Granny Flats
Studios & Pool Houses
Garage Loft Apartments
Our Premium Range is designed to provide a turn-key solution for the more budget-conscious customer.
They are all fully constructed on-site with all site considerations detailed at the outset, so there are no surprises. 

We offer a number of alternative external finishes and even different roof-lines, for the same price, and alternative internal configurations can often be made with no additional cost.
The Exclusive Range comes with a higher level of internal specification than the budget range which can also be tailored according to specific requirements.

Depending on the design and site, we offer a modular steel-framed format, which comes to the highest of standards and can be fully installed and completed within three weeks. 

Alternatively, our framed construction is partially made off-site and takes around 10 weeks to construct.
All of our designs, and any custom design, can be finished to any standard and specification to meet your criteria and budget. Please feel free to chat to us to find out more.
We offer a number of contemporary designs which maximise space and provide a practical and comfy living environment. 

Separate or combined bathroom/laundry or ensuite are interchangeable with little or no adjustment of costs and room sizes can be tailored according to specific needs. 

A range of additional extras or upgrades can be detailed and more individual requirements can be easily included and quoted at the outset.
Sometimes it’s just that extra space you need, whether for an office, kids’ retreat, occasional spare room, pool house or just a quiet space to read the Sunday paper, in which case a studio can provide a range of options. 

While we can customise to your own requirements, generally they come with a shower, WC and vanity plus option for a kitchenette. 

Alternatively, a simple open-plan space can provide a more economical option.

Made famous in the 1970s through the TV series Happy Days and the ever-cool Fonz, the garage loft apartment is an excellent way of adding a self-contained apartment to an existing double garage.

Typically, they have a separate shower, WC and vanity and can be configured with a separate bedroom and open-plan kitchen/living area or a single open-plan area with or without a fully-fitted kitchenette.

Access is via a side set of stairs so there’s minimal impact on the existing ground level space.

As with all our designs, a number of cladding and roof lines are available to suit your existing home or style.
If you have the space but no garage, or only have a carport, we can design and build the garage and the apartment together.
We recognise that not all granny flats in Perth, or ancillary accommodation work with a one-size-fits-all approach, so we work closely with clients and our designer to fulfil your requirements. 

This encompasses everything from individual family needs and access, investors wanting to maximise returns, difficult site access, sloping blocks to general budgetary parameters.


Granny Flat Projects

View the Build process


We pride ourselves on our full-service approach, where we make the process hassle-free, quick and concise.

From the outset, whether it’s an off-the-plan design or one that’s custom-designed, we provide a truly integrated service from initial consultation, site visit and pricing, through liaison with local authorities, planning, building permit, site works and finishing, all within an agreed timeframe.


When it comes to changes, we work with our designer to achieve the best outcome based on our pre-existing designs, or where this may not be possible we start with a base plan, your budget and bespoke design to your requirements.

We always visit the site and take into consideration all the variables that will affect the build - the current home, existing access, council guidelines and overall desired outcome.

Depending on your needs (and for some properties to comply with council restrictions, for instance), we can design to adjoin with the existing property via a small covered walkway.

Other items you may want to add include side access path, drive, carport or general parking bay, fencing etc.


After our initial meeting, we will check all local guidelines and restrictions to ensure your project will meet all the necessary approvals.

Every council has its own guidelines, which in some instances may differ from those mandated on a Federal or State level. You don’t need to worry about any of that - we take care of it all for your peace of mind and to ensure a smooth process from start to finish.

We sort the paperwork and detail the process and approximate timeframes from design approval through to building permit.

We don’t want any cost surprises either, so our prices include all of the local authority application and approval fees upfront.


We have teamed up with local financiers to provide a hassle-free approach to financing your project.

We can offer you a no-obligation service to help you look at your best financing options, which we can discuss at your initial meeting.


As a subsidiary of Barefoot Renovations, and with more than 12 years in residential building in Perth, we have a tremendous team who will work with you on your project from the outset.

Salespeople (as much as we are sure they are very nice to have around as mates) do not inhabit our world and the people you talk to from day one will be there throughout the project until the final coat of paint dries!

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