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Our Team

Project Management

What do you bring to the team?

"A fresh approach to the management of clients’ projects with a firm commitment to a well-structured process, clear and transparent communication.

While construction can be stressful at times, I aim to minimise the impact by working with a great team of professionals and tradespeople with whom we have long-term and trusting relationships."

Landscape Architecture

What do you bring to the team?

"With a breadth of experience covering small to large-scale exterior projects, I look to complement the residence and make a seamless transition from inside to out.

We see ourselves as offering a holistic approach to each project, which is why we work closely with the rest of the team and the clients from early on in the process."

Interior Designer

What do you bring to the team?

"With a broad depth of experience from a range of projects over the years, I help clients realise the full potential of their new home through careful consideration of individual room design - from hard and soft furnishings to flooring, fixtures and colour schemes.

Working closely with the client and other team members from the beginning, we design the finishes right from the outset. It’s a refreshing approach from Barefoot, rather than limiting this aspect of the design to the end of a project as so many companies do."

Contract Administration

What do you bring to the team?

"With more than 30 years of experience in the Perth construction industry, I’ve gained a broad range of skills both in contract administration and managing the back-office requirements to ensure projects run smoothly and efficiently.

I liaise directly with our clients so I have a good understanding of their needs and endeavour to keep the rest of the team in check throughout the process!"


What do you bring to the team?

I have a great breadth and depth of experience across a varied range of projects that enables me to Supervise each job in a manner that keeps the program securely on track while maintaining our high levels of quality and finish we put into everything we do."

What do you bring to the team?

My passion for creative design solutions boarders on obsessive (so I’m told!) I love the challenge of creating functional and practical spaces through the use of clever design and thinking outside of the box. The balance between ‘wow’ factor and maintaining the client’s budget is where I work closely with Mark and the other team members to find the best outcome.

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