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Design and Construct

So what does this entail? In a nutshell...

Concept Development – Interior Design – Material Selection – Budgeting - Plans – Approvals Construction – Landscape Architecture – Project Management - Coffee!

While Barefoot Renovations are happy to work on individual aspects of a project, or from your existing plans, we love getting involved right from the start and seeing everything through to the final coat of paint.

That desire to make everything perfect from start to finish is just another reason why we believe we are one of the best home renovation companies in Perth.

From your initial consultation, we work with your ideas and budget to develop plans (however simple), submit the relevant paperwork for regulatory and council approvals (as required), provide interior design and material selection ideas (if you need some), through to the renovation or build itself.

And we aren’t just another Perth builder, we also offer a landscape architecture service and can provide ideas and suggestions that will complement your home.

But if you already have your own plans and love them just as they are, we will happily work from them and, if you need any additional input, we can provide design and development advice along the way.

While we are a full-service WA builder, based in the western suburbs of Perth, we are happy to consider projects of any size or type - from a simple interior renovation to a full home improvement project.

We are also conscious about environmental issues and evolving trends so we keep abreast of new materials and products that may be integrated into your project.

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