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Our Story

It’s difficult to write this without a) employing a litany of clichés, and b) keeping it to one side of A4; nonetheless I shall try!

Barefoot has come into existence following nearly eight years in the residential building industry after establishing Castleprime Construction in 2008 along with a business partner. Subsequently, while Castleprime continues as a trading entity, the partners decided they wanted to pursue some individual projects and for my part, Barefoot Renovations was born.

Having started out with Castleprime in renovations and additions, we quickly fell into the bespoke, architect-designed, new build sector.

While the upper-end projects provided a unique set of challenges and rewards, there came with it a fair amount of contractual bureaucracy, immense paper trails and constant realignment of client expectations.

A number of things emerged as a result, which has driven the ethos of Barefoot.

  1. While new builds are still on the agenda, the ‘fun’ and vast improvements that can be made through renovations and additions provided a greater impetus for our focus. It was going back to our roots and felt like we could add significant value to our clients, both in the design stage and also through our more personal management style throughout the project. We become part of our client’s lives for a short period of time and want to enjoy a coffee and beer along the way!
  2. We wanted to make the design and build more enjoyable and interactive; ultimately we wanted to take the clients on a journey as part of the team and provide an overall ‘experience’ rather than simply a process. It’s about being involved from the outset and covering all aspects of the design and build process, both internally and externally. That said, we are still happy to work with clients who have their own plans and can offer input in the design or budget if required.
  3. The traditional building company model was one that we felt needed a shake-up. Not so much to provide a more price-competitive structure, but to bring together select individuals to make up a versatile and flexible team, which we feel can benefit our clients more efficiently. To this extent, we have brought together a group of individuals, each with their own successful businesses, to co-operate under the Barefoot banner. This structure gives us a unique opportunity to have some of the best in their field working together with a single client-focussed goal on a project-by-project basis.

Simply put, it’s our culture that differentiates us. Everyone on the team has the same focus and desire to make the experience enjoyable and professional.

It’s about how we want to do business. We established Barefoot with the goal of creating great spaces and taking our clients on a journey along the way.

The day we stop doing this is the day we shut the doors and look for an alternative career!

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