Our Story

It’s difficult to write this without a) employing a litany of clichés, and b) keeping it to one side of A4; nonetheless I shall try! Barefoot has come into existence following nearly eight years in the residential building industry after establishing Castleprime Construction in 2008 along with a business partner. Subsequently, while Castleprime continues as…
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Renovations – How Much Per m2 Please?!

Undoubtedly the most common question asked and yet the most tenuous to provide a satisfactory reply. Can I answer this without the use of the “How long’s a piece of string” line....? Nope! This by no means is supposed to be a flippant reply and everyone who’s asked me the question always follows it up…
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New WA Protocol for Energy Efficiency for Alterations and Additions

A new WA Alterations and Additions Protocol for energy efficiency in Class 1 or attached Class 10 buildings (simply put, residential homes, garages, carports, pools, fences!) will apply from 1st May 2015. New Energy Assessment methods currently in WA are still allowed to meet energy efficiency requirements by using the 2009 BCA Deemed to Satisfy…
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